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What are you getting for your money

Posted on February 18, 2013 at 11:39 PM Comments comments (61)
What are you getting for your money?
Most painting contractors use a contractors line of paint, is it  the best ? No its usually a lower grade paint at a better cost line for the contractor like new homes are mostly painted with lower grade materials to cut costs. A quality repaint should never use these
paints. Really it comes down to prep work in case of exterior painting was the house power washed so the surfaces are clean before they start. Did they do a complete caulking to seal the exterior with a quality caulking . We suggest a least a 50 year rating.
After that how was the paint installed, most of the time a quick spray is what you get. We believe that a job done right starts with
good prep work, a full caulking with top quality sealants, covering windows and using top grade materials and doing as many coats as the surfaces requires, that means two or more using brushes & roller to push paint deep into surfaces, not the fastest way but the best way for a long lasting quality job not just what looks like a good price. The more you know the better we look!