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Spring is here

Posted on April 17, 2015 at 4:51 PM
It's spring and almost everyone needs some sprucing up around the house. It is a great time to re paint and maybe update some old colors. We can advise you on all the new colors for spring 2015 and what would look best on the outside and inside of your home.   We can also advise you on the best colors to use to stage your home for sale. Give us a call and get on the list. it's filling up fast  thanks  Scott

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Spring is the perfect time to do some paintings and repairs around the house. It is not very warm nor very chilly during spring time. As such, I do not get sweaty too much when I move around the house during spring time, doing some chores. I also do not feel uncomfortable due to chilliness while moving about around the house during spring time, doing some chores. I highly suggest that stay at home moms do their paintings and repairs during spring time. Being comfortable moving around the house doing chores comes only once a year during spring time. So, stay at home moms should not let the rare opportunity of being comfortable doing physical works when the good season comes around once every year pass.